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Rivals in ParadiseMake It Last Forever MAKE IT LAST FOREVER — August 2010
"Gwyneth Bolton weaves a timeless tale of love in MAKE IT LAST FOREVER. With characters that you'll instantly fall for Ms. Bolton takes us on a journey unlike any experienced before. I've loved this story since reading the first words, definitely Ms. Bolton's finest work."
— A. C. Arthur, Award-winning Author

RIVALS IN PARADISE — November 2010

Hightower Honors — Four brothers on a mission to protect, serve, and love....

Sizzling SeductionThe Law of DesireMake It HotProtect and Serve

Meet the Hightowers

"If you haven't read these, you must stop what you're doing right now and go out and get them. They are amazing. Well-written, fun, funny, and SEXY... If you're looking for beautiful, hot black love set in a believable, multi-faceted black world, these are the books for you."
—Raven from Raven's Reviews give the series an A

Cops and firemen bring sirens to mind—red-hot-blazing sirens. And these men offer just that, loud, heart-pounding sirens of seduction. Hightower Honors is a four part series that chronicles the lives and loves of four very hot and sexy brothers from a strong upper-middle class Paterson, New Jersey family with a rich legacy of public service. Most of the Hightower men are either cops or firemen and have been in this line of work for several generations. These Hightower brothers add two cops and two firemen to the family lineage of service.

The Hightower men are all tall, dark, handsome and alpha. Their upbringing dictates that when push comes to shove, they should always do the right thing. The only catch is that sometimes the right thing in their minds has to be done the right way, their way. Raised by two loving parents, James and Celia Hightower, the brothers know what real love looks like and they want it for themselves. Eventually. On their own terms.

Their father James's dedication to the city that raised him means that even though he became very successful with his security company, Hightower Security, he never moved his family away. The Hightowers are as close to royalty as a small urban city like Paterson, New Jersey gets. But they are also very down to earth and take their positions as leaders in the community very seriously. This is a family trait instilled in the Hightower brothers most heavily by their father’s older sister, Sophie Hightower. She has never married and has made it her business to make sure her “unworthy” sister-in-law, Celia, raises her nephews properly. After investing so much time in her nephews, she of course needs to make sure that they find mates worthy of them and the Hightower name.

Their mother, Celia Hightower, may not be of the same elite background, but she also has very specific ideas about the kinds of down-to-earth, sweet women she’d like to see her sons end up with. A small subplot of each book is the tug of war between these two sisters-in-law. The Hightower Honors series offers four books about love, family, and romance in sometimes gritty, urban settings that explode with passion and deep emotion. The two firemen stories are hot sexy, courtship tales about the thrill of the chase and the glory of surrender. The two cop stories are deeply emotional and passionate stories with a hint of intrigue.

Book #1: PROTECT AND SERVE — July 2008

Book #2: MAKE IT HOT — Sepetmber 2008

Book #3: THE LAW OF DESIRE — December 2008

Book #4: SIZZLING SEDUCTION — October 2009

The Hip-Hop Debutantes

Meet the Debs...

Each of the debutantes in the “Hip-Hop Debutantes” trilogy shake-up preconceived notions of proper debutante behavior and make their own rules. These aren't your average debs. They are in a class all by themselves, and they take love on their own terms. This trilogy takes old romance plots and gives them a funky hip-hop remix.

Sweet SensationI'm Gonna Make You Love Me Book #1: I'M GONNA MAKE YOU LOVE ME — March 2006

Book #2: SWEET SENSATION — March 2007

Single Titles & Anthologies

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