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Sizzling Seduction

EDC Creations Best Books 2009: How We Love-Our Relationships, Sisterhood, Romance, Women's Fiction
2010 Emma Award — Best Sequel
2010 Emma Award — Favorite Hero
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2010 Emma Nomination — Best Romantic Suspense
2010 Emma Nomination — Best Steamy Romance
5 out of 5 Top Shelf Review from Urban-Reviews
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Hightower Honors
Four brothers on a mission to protect, serve, and love....

Sizzling Seduction Kimani Romance, Harlequin
ISBN-10: 0373861346
ISBN-13: 978-0373861347
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Hightower Honors #4
October 2009

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Some like it hot...

Firefighter Patrick Hightower will take any risk in the line of duty. Risking his heart again? That's something he's vowed never to do. He prefers scorching affairs—the briefer, the better—though he might make a temporary exception for smart, sexy teacher Aisha Miller. But Aisha isn't interested in exploring their instant, searing connection-no matter how much she feels the heat.

Aisha has had enough of dominant men trying to control her life, and the gorgeous firefighter who visits her kindergarten class is alpha male through and through. Yet the gentler side Patrick shows, especially around her young son, gradually melts her reserve. As shadows from Aisha's past resurface, she'll discover just how far Patrick will go to prove she's found her real-life hero.

About the Book

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for your support of the Hightower Honors series. There are really no words to properly express how much your e-mails and notes have meant to me. I'm happy that so many of you have fallen in love with this family as much as I have. And for those readers who read the earlier novels and decided that Patrick Hightower was the one for them, here he is!

We all know Patrick was the president of the he-man woman-haters club. He is the oldest Hightower brother and the most resistant to love. So you know once love caught up to him, Cupid had to knock him off his feet hard and fast. Too bad he ends up falling for a woman just as resistant to falling in love as he had been!

Aisha Miller is the perfect woman for Patrick, but the divorced mother and kindergarten teacher refuses to acknowledge it. It's up to Patrick to pull out all the stops and seduce the woman of his dreams right into his arms.

Sizzling Seduction is a slow-burning love story that steadily rises to an uncontrollable, passionate heat. It is a story about trust and learning to love again.

I hope you enjoy Patrick and Aisha's story!


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Sizzling Sedcution"Gwyneth Bolton crafted the perfect recipe for a heart-melting love story... A quick read for me, but a novel rich with culture. Subplots involving family histories of secrecy and conflict and heart-felt lessons on the perils of domestic violence make SIZZLING SEDUCTION a provocative read for book groups everywhere..."
— Sistah Tasha, The Pink Reviewers of SistahFriend Book Club, 4.5 Pink Diamonds

"Sizzling Seduction does a great job of blending sweet with sensuous and sexy... SIZZLING SEDUCTION is must-read book, as is the rest of the series! I'm looking forward to what Bolton will be coming out with now."
— Dana, A Novel Romance: Romance Novel Reviews for True Romantics

"An adorable young matchmaker, a couple blindsided by love and a bad guy that readers will despise with a passion make this story one to remember."
— Debbie R. Sims, Romantic Times Book Review, 4 Stars

"Prolific author Gwyneth Bolton's character driven storylines never fail to touch her readers' hearts. SIZZLING SEDUCTION is the fourth and final book in the HIGHTOWER HONORS series and proved to be a sheer delight. All of the characters in this series has taken on a life of their own and endeared themselves to me but none more than Patrick... While it's not necessary to read all of the books in the Hightower Honors series in order to enjoy SIZZLING SEDUCTION, I do recommend you do so because there is so much background—and they're just delightfully fun."
— Christine Dionne, Romance Junkies, 5 Blue Ribbons

"Gwyneth Bolton has written another fantastic story. From their first encounter, the reader is on edge as Patrick pursues Aisha... Bolton is wonderful at creating realistic characters with very real issues that everyone can relate to. I truly enjoyed this series and I recommend it to all romance readers."
— Priscilla C. Johnson, APOOO BookClub, 5 stars

"Bolton brings the heat in SIZZLING SEDUCTION. You can visualize the passion that Patrick has for Aisha through his words and actions. The character development and intricate storyline will keep you reading to find out how their story ends... Make sure you have time to read this scorching romance as you won't be able to put it down."
— Deltareviewer, Real Page Turners, 4.5 Stars

"The plot in this storyline intrigued me from the very beginning. These two characters connected well and brought sizzling chemistry. Ms. Bolton brought out so much spontaneity in this novel. She brought action, mystery and love connecting each and every scene perfectly. Her superb writing talent is definitely shown in this novel... Each scene whether it was love scenes, action between the couples and family, captivated me until the end..."
— Keren Childers, Romance in Color, 4++ Stars

"SIZZLING SEDUCTION is the last book in the HIGHTOWER series, and Gwyneth Bolton does not disappoint with this one. There are several subplots that are going on simultaneously with the main plot. With her writing style, Bolton blends them all together and creates one hot read. The main and secondary characters are very well developed also. Bolton does a wonderful job with the culmination of this well, in fact, that you hate to see the Hightowers go."
— Tenecia, Urban-Reviews, 5 out of 5 Books

"Each book in the HIGHTOWER series is well written, with characters and situations that are real and believable. Gwyneth Bolton has once again taken us down the road of twists and turns onto the street of drama, leaving us speechless."
— Toni Bonita, The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers, 5 Stars

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Sizzling Seduction

Some men just take up all the space and air in the room with their very presence. And given the fact that Aisha had purposely sworn off of such men until the end of time, she really had no business noticing how he stood out in a sea of people or the pronounced lack of oxygen that had her pursing her lips and swallowing.

Tall dark and handsome had nothing on this towering wall of muscles or the way he filled out that navy blue and white uniform. She didn't think she had a thing for men in uniform. Who knew the sight of thick muscular thighs and strong pipes for arms all encased in those official and authoritative clothing could send a woman's heart racing like this?

She tried to focus on other things in the firehouse.

The truck? Look at it all red and shiny and pretty. Nope that didn't take my mind of him. The engine...

Just listen to the words. Focus on the words. Focus on my students. Ignore this man.

As if she could...

"Stay away from hot things that can hurt!" Her kindergarten students yelled the words at the top of their little lungs as they repeated after the young fireman who had just given them a tour of the fire station.

Their guide was in his early twenties and seemed to be having just as much fun as the kids. He didn't look bad in his uniform either. Maybe she could try and focus on him.

Nope, even the cute little tender-roni fireman guide couldn't distract her from him.

She glanced at Toni in her outrageous purple and orange get-up trying to catch the young firefighters eye by flirtingly repeating after him with the children. Surely Toni's antics should have wrestled her attention from the sexy fire captain. Toni batted her eyes and Aisha's eyes went right back to the fire captain.


Aisha couldn't help it. She stared at the sexy, very hot fire captain who was standing there watching them all. Captain Hightower. He'd said his name was Captain Patrick Hightower. She wondered why he was still in the room. He wasn't giving them the tour. Last year when she'd brought her students for a tour the highest ranking officer on duty introduced himself, gave them a welcome and hightailed it out of there leaving it up to the young rookie to do the grunt work. Captain Hightower seemed determined to stick around and check her out.

She wondered if the sexy fire captain counted as a hot thing that could hurt her.

She glanced at him. Tall. Rock-hard. Solid muscle and masculinity. Devil may care smile. Oh yeah. He was a hot thing that could hurt all right.

"Tell a grown-up when you find matches or lighters." The students yelled.

"Stop, drop, and roll if your clothes catch on fire." They added doing the funny little hand movements that went along with the actions they described.

"Cool a burn!" Their little voices piped through the huge hall.

"That's right, if you happen to burn yourselves, you should immediately cover the spot in cold water." The rookie firefighter whose name she still could not remember, as if she could remember another name with the name Patrick Hightower taking over every nook and crevice of her mind, coached the children with gems of fire safety.

Cold water would have been good at that moment. It might have helped with the sudden heat she was feeling. She could drink a glass and cool her dry as the desert mouth and throat. She could splash it all over herself to calm down the overwhelming body heat she felt when she looked at Patrick Hightower. The heat and the sweat popping out all over her was unbearable.

Early menopause? It could happen as early as thirty-five. She was thirty-five. But something told her it wasn't early menopause causing the steam to roll up her neck and making her hand want to fan, fan, and fan away.

"Crawl low under smoke!" Her little darlings repeated.

"Know the sound of the smoke alarm." They added.

The ringing of the alarm jolted her and she blinked.

Sound effects? Hmm... She certainly needed a warning if Captain Hightower's heated stare meant what she thought it meant.

"Practice an escape plan." The kindergarteners said with the same tone of authority that the young rookie had used.

You haven't said anything but a word!

She needed an escape plan. She took a slow, calming, and deep breath and tried to appear natural about letting it out. No matter what, she wasn't going to give the man the time of day. That was for certain. She couldn't. She wouldn't. So, there was really no need to get all nervous and hot and bothered.

"Recognize the fire fighter as a helper," the children chanted after the rookie.



She glanced up stared at the fire captain again. He smiled, a sexy, sizzling, seductive smile. His eyes seemed to say 'how may I help you?' And his body language—the cool, confident, assured stance—offered a multitude of possibilities.

Sizzling Seduction

She continued to observe him, cautiously, and he continued to hold her gaze. Fire captain Hightower didn't appear to know the meaning of the words back down.

Too bad.

Aisha shook her head with all the rejection she could muster lacing her stare and posture. She even put on her best, don't-even-try-it-or-think-about-it-brother glare and placed her hand on her hip, blocking his sensual assault with everything she could. It might have helped if she didn't find herself so incredibly attracted to him.

And what did the man have the nerve to do when met with her rejection? He saw her shaking head and smiled as he nodded! He even mouthed the word yes before winking at her and leaving the room.

The air seemed to return to the room with a gush. She gasped as she wondered who in the hell was going to save her from the fireman?

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